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Waterproofing Melbourne

Integral to life, water can be the death of timber and other materials commonly used in the construction of homes and other properties. At Fair Tiling Services we have been delivering outstanding and seamless waterproofing throughout Melbourne’s metro area for a reasonable price. Since beginning our premium services and solutions over 10 years ago we have complete simple and complex tiling and waterproofing installation works for both domestic and commercial customers, ensuring that we have gained hands-on experience working in a number of diverse and varied environments.

Able to effectively repel splashed or pooling water, tiled floors and walls effectively protect plaster, brickwork, and mortar from water stains or erosion. At Fair Tiling Services we have a number of effective and durable waterproof tiles able to be supplied and seamlessly installed including ceramic and porcelain. Visually-expressive and effective at preventing water from seeping through the gaps and into the floor or wall beneath the tiling.

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At Fair Tiling Services we have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to complete personalised waterproofing throughout Melbourne. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and other environments and rooms where water is present, our waterproofing solutions include using sealants that cover the grout and add a nice finish to the edges and spaces between our precisely-arranged tiles. To discuss the many benefits of our cost-effective tiling and waterproofing solutions get in touch with our helpful and direct team of tiling contractors on 0411 432 772.